March 10th, 2003


I"m hella excited!

I spendt all night getting cool stuff on my computer.
I got this rockin XP themes program so now I can have all these cool things. yay!

I made a aim theme for everyone based on choji moji. It's actaully really cool, and I know most of you don't care, but I worked pretty hard trying to make this not suck! I stayed up all night. wyuuu


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click here if you need a new version of AIM

it's not perfect, but it's like at 78% of being a first release. the good part is that it's really easy to add more stuff to the random images and quotes, so once I fix the bugs I can keep updating it! yes!
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Mega Man Party!

Almost all done.

ok, so I finally finished version one of the CHoji Moji AIM Expressions theme.

it's really good.I even added entertaining yet brief and unobtrisuve sounds for door open, and closeing, and new message opening up (since thoes are the ones that are usefull)
oh but i just noticed that they dont actully work for somereason. which is strange. all the other default files work fine. maybe they have to be a a specific bitrate or something dumb like that.


Yes, it was in fact the bitrate and such. apparently they needed to be single channel 8 bit 22000 sound files. of course, I didn't have a program that would convert things to that, so i had to get one. and that sucked.

but now It all works. and if you download it you will get some nice sounds.
but first you have to delete the previous version.


so now I just need to re-upload the new fifi song, and then I'll be done! yes!
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OK. so now I'm done with all the uploading.
hopefully I can check back in like 2 days and find that all the choji moji songs have been approved, and then I can order the like $100 of cds, and then bobby can say "kjdsfkjndsaj"
and I can be tired.

I'm going to celebrate by turning the computer all the way off.

I really want to eat something, but all I have is like hotdogs and bread. yar
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