March 20th, 2003

Mega Man Party!

For bobby.

Hey bobby! look at this!

This is an upcomming option for future cds. The plus side, is that The musical restrictions that prevent us from putting cover songs on cds are not present, and, We can actaully design the look of the actual cd along with the packaging, both things that are never going to be possible with (Also, this would remove all the crap on the cases)

The bad news, is that with this setup it would cost about $10 per cd as opposed to $5 per cd (that's including shipping) and that would reduce the profits (and by profits I mostly mean the kind where you get enough to at least break even.) Also, the cafepress cd making system is most likely pretty ghetto, and as of now, the only way to get our music to them is to send them a cd.
Of course, the good side to that, is that instead of selling cds from mp3s, we can send a cd of the wav quality cd audio, and have that reproduced, meaning a better sound.
But yes, it is much more expensive.
How ever, I think it it might be worth it to try.

The other thing to think about, is that they make data cds as well, so If we wanted to make a cool Choji Moji multimedia Cd (which I think would be really cool,) we could do it through Cafepress, and sell real cds. That would be cool, cause we could be things like the AIM theme, and all the movies, and like a screen saver, or Windows theme or like, a magical game. We could even put other cool things like patrick's P-bomber on there, along with magical exclusive mp3s and stuff.

Yeah. So Hopefully more will come of this.
I think that since Alot of the fun of Choji Moji is the over all feel, we could do some fun stuff.
We could make an exciting choose your own adventure magical flash adventure or soemting.

Actually that's not a bad Idea. Like a Flash game where you're escaping Kangaroos in the outback!


ok, Time for Taiko Club!
I think the pricing
Mega Man Party!

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I should make an option in the Choji Moji skin to play a choji moji song. That would be cool.
I think I'll integrate that Into the buddy list.
It'll be just a button that links to the streaming Choji moji site.
Mega Man Party!

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THe things You can make a are just amazing.

I mean, License plate outlines?

Calenders??? Lunch boxes???? thong Panties?!?!?

and now cds.

fuck, there's so much consumerism to take advantage of. I need to get craking!