April 17th, 2003

Mega Man Party!

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Today was very strange. The most strangest part is that I had a class in English. THis is the first time I've had a class in ENglish in like a year. it was strange.

oh. poo. I just realized that I need to do stuff. Stuff for school.

not like homework, but like I have to do crap for stuoip registering my classes so that they count for Santa cruz. There is a girl in my class that said she's going to santa cruz. but she said she was scared because she only heard bad things about it. when I asked her what, she said that she heard that it was full of deer and was only for hippies. And I thought to my self "well, yeah... But that's why I like it!" yar. hrm.

I have to do club things too, and there's a dance. and I have to do my self introduction sheet. balrjgn. man.

but I really like having no class on friday or wednesday. man... It's like... My permanent vacation is at the point where I just need enjoy the ride back to shore. I get my scholarship money, I dont have to buy anything, My classes are easy(ish) and it's summer. and the dorm stuff that I'm leading is going well.

but I need to do laundry