April 18th, 2003

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ONe of the differences between Iraq and japan is that the Japanese people saw the government take japan from a growing, prosperous country into a bombed out wreck within a realitivly short amount of time. It was very easy for the japanese to say "Things were alot better 15 years ago before you morons started waving your dicks around and got us all killed!" Whearas the Iraqi people dont have that situation. for them it's more "We live in a fucking desert. When Saddam came into power, we still lived in a fucking desert only this time it was called 'All hail Saddam as lord and ruler over all people under Allah, praise Allah Desert'." So yes. that's just one small aspect.

(this relates to a discussion I had in my first English class in a year. Did i mention how it was very strange to have a class in english?)
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サトさんのescape from learningについて。。。
I think that it is partly due to the japanese "resistance to change" that helps squech the learning impetus. that and the fact that they get really sick of it.

hrm... I think I should make a new journal for my acidemic thoughts. I think maybe I'll use my buddy MegamanX, so I can keep track of it. it's an idea!

ok, time for 馬鹿山発表!