April 19th, 2003


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taken from ign.com:
For next year, Capcom expects things to improve and anticipates a profit of 4.2 billion yen on sales of 63 billion yen.

Which company should merge with Capcom?

But forget all those numbers! With Sega currently in merger talks with Sammy and Namco and Enix having already merged with Square, we know what you all want to see! A big-time Capcom merger sounds just about right to us non economically-minded game journalists. Pick which company you'd like to see join forces with Capcom to form Devastator by voting in the poll to the right. Your vote will mostly likely not be used by Japanese executives in their decision-making.

yes! devestator!
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Chojimoji.com wasn't working for the past few days.
so I wrote help request thingy.
they replied back that they were working on it, and that I should "please allow some time to do the necessary updations to resolve the issue."
When I woke up today it was working, as any of you with the AIM theme may be aware of. except now it seems to be not working super fast.yeah

good thing they did thoes updations!
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