April 30th, 2003

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Dear Sir or Madam,

We are writing to you concerning the status of your current Web host. Several FeaturePrice customers have approached us recently expressing difficulties receiving any service or reaching any of their host's staff. You may find more information on these issues in popular Web hosting forums and newsgroups.

If you are one of these unfortunate customers, we recommend that you have a current backup of all your website files and that you explore moving your website to another, reliable web host.

In an effort to make the moving process less stressful, we are extending a special offer to FeaturePrice customers who wish to transfer to our services. By using the coupon code: FPTRANSFER in your order, you will enjoy Free Setup and 10% off your order of any Web hosting plan. You may order online or call us at 888-932-9377.

View our various Web hosting plans at: http://www.webii.net/hosting.html

Webii has been providing quality, reliable Web hosting to individuals and businesses since 1996. We harbor a reputation for excellent customer service and technical support. We provide both telephone and email tech support; our email response time is backed by a 24-hour guarantee, and our average response time is only a few hours. Even if you are not considering hosting with Webii, we suggest that you take a look at our extensive online support documentation, which may assist you in learning file transfer techniques to move to the host of your choice. http://www.webii.net/support/

Feel free to contact us with questions about our services.
We wish you the best of luck with your website endeavors.

This message has been sent to you personally in regards to possible problems you may be experiencing with your hosting account. If this information does not interest you, we regret any inconvenience. You will not receive any additional emails from us.

THe thing is, this was sent to my hotmail acount. and I didn't think my hotmail account was associated with the Chojimoji website. It's interesting.