May 16th, 2003


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Well. It seems that the nice company that is hosting is closing because of some strange reason or something. reasons like they are scaming people and stoped service and are being bastards and stuff.

This is not suprising, seeing as the hosting company offer 1gig of space for $10/month, as well as unlimited bandwidth. I think I'm going to stick with them until the site magically is gone forever. I mean, I have all of it on my hard drive, so i can just update it when it dies.

of course, I've yet to find a comparable deal of such incredable affordability. wuuuu
any sugestions?

So now I need to find a new hosting company. It would be nice if I could get my remainging 50 bucks refunded, but it's really not much of a big deal.
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Mega Man Party!

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Fcuk! it's gonna be hella hard to find new and good webhosting. now I'm hella tired. fuvfdsnkjdfskl1
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