May 20th, 2003

Mega Man Party!

fall classes


EDUC160 01 PL TR 1000AM-1145AM

EDUC128 01 PL MWF 1230PM-0140PM

ARAB001 01 PL MWF 1100AM-1210PM

Your total credits are 15.00

so basically, none of the like 7 preliminary courses I picked had time conflicts, so this was easy to pick.
Also....... In addition to this I'll most likely be taking an independent study japanese course or some kind, and maybe an additional education class.
blah, still have to actually make my magical super major into an official thing. I think I'm going to tell myself that I will work on that today after class. which sounds like a good idea.

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seeing real life pictures of People who do webcomics about themselves still makes my eyes burn.
my eyes... THE BURNING!!!!!!!!!!!

I still have great respect for them, but it's very strange trying to reconclye it with their comic counterpoarts.
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Today I saw X2 Response follows:
Collapse )that made my day.
that, and buying a nice new game for gameboy advance, and the stupid headphone adaptor, that plugs into the power in thing, so you can't have it plugged in, and use the headphones. blah.
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