May 26th, 2003


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my room smells. and I need to finish that 6 page essay that's 15 pages right now, and every time I try to cut it down, It gets longer. and it was due last week. hrm....
on another note, my wadaiko preformance is comming up. it's on tuesday. it'll be rad. I'm getting pretty good. I feel sad that Seb and I havent played with his video camera more. I think We're just both too lazy. I want to take it to shinjuku, but that requires planning, and like we're just both so lazy. oh well. blah. so much stuff I should be doing, but like sundey I have taiko practice for 6 hours and then come home and sleep until midnight, and then wonder why I can't go to sleep until like 3, and so I stay up late reading manga and eating beef jerky, which is really fun. Last night I had this hella hella big piece that was really nice and soft and it had fatty parts in it which weren't all hard and dried, but like fresh, and that was sooooo good. I was all just like 「わあぁ!気持ち良いィ!」and now I've managed to wake up, and lets see if I manage to do my stupid essay that I just dont want to have to edit cause my ideas are all too complicated and hard to organize, and I think my writing is bad, so I dont even want to read the stupid thing.
I feel like this entry is written in erin style. I wonder when people will get my gifts.

Video game update:
That stupid "Shining Soul" game blows. DON'T BUY IT. it's about as simple as an 1989 nintendo game, which isn't a bad thing, but within that simplicity there is no variation. all the monsters you fight act exactly the same, and you use the exact same tactic for beating everysingle enemy, and there's no point in having multiple weapons because there aren't really like weaknesses or different taticts for using different weapons or anything. I figured out an analogy for the game but I forgot what it is.
But basically, it's a tedious waste of time that's not hard, and it dosent matter if you die, because all that happens is you lose all the gold on your person, but it dosent matter because you can put gold in the bank that you'll never lose, and you can buy things using gold in the bank, and the only reason you would ever even use gold is to pay the item identifyer lady to identify items so you can then sell them for more gold, so gold is pretty useless, and then the angles just take you right back to where you die so it's like you just magically get your life refilled, and can sell and the stupid items you picked up during your travel.
Another stupid thing is that you can't save your position in a dungeon. like, if you have to stop, you have to start over at the beginning of the dungeon, which is retarded because due to the tediousness of the game, each dungeon has taken over an hour to beat. it's just long and repetitive. also, the levels make no difference. where ever you are, whatever the space is shaped, you use the exact same stratgety for beating the enemies: you just walk back and forth through the enemies, and when you get close, they'll stop moving to attack, but since you can walk through them, by the time they attack you'll be on the other side of them, and can turn around and attack them. and you do that, and all 5 enemies on the screen at once will be in a big clump, and then you can hit them all at once.
And that's allllllllllll that you do, over and over again, on every single enemy on everysingle level.
I'm serious. like, some enemies go faster or slower, but since you always go exactly the same speed, there's no strategy in avoiding enemies or anything. it's just walk through them and then turn around and hit them with a charged up attack.
The levels are all linear, but even if they weren't it would still be repetitive and boring.
the bosses are actually kind of interesting, where you have to figure out patterns, but it's not very hard, and if you die you just start right over at the boss again.
there's like 7 stages, and I'm on the 6th now, but it's like "blah why do i have to devote a consecutive hour to this stupid game just to beat one level." blhabj;

uh. yeah. so. I think it's not even worth having as a japan souviner for $40. I should just sell it back and then buy like the castlevania game, or the One Piece game. yeah.
blah. I'm talking to katie, and then I will actually do my essay.

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I"m really tired of my browser going to random pages. like, I type in and it goes to

stupid thing! I havent even ever been to that site!
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