May 29th, 2003


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I think it's weird when long haired ugly beared guys on the internet talk about not having luck with the ladies.

on another note, some of thoes yummy sour skittles appeared on my desk. I will now eat them and start my essay, and then feel sleepy, and not want to go to class tomorrow.

(no subject)

Today there were two bugs on my shirt sleeve. they were both about the size of mosquito-eaters, alsoknown as gallinippers. and one was slowly draining the juices out of the other. I took a picture.
and then the crazy old man came and was like "どしだ?" and then he flicked them off. and I was like "blah too lazy to expline, so now he thinkgs I'm just afraid of bugs or something."
man. I've been really tired and retarded feeling today. it's weird. I think.... iw awilgfsd yes!
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