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Man, I really wish I had thought to ask people for nicknames for the fucking shirt.
oh well. hey, there's some green button on my lj client. I wonder what it means? Define macros
Hello? What this is? I dont know.

oh wow! you can make it like, hella type stuff!!!!! that means that I can make it do like hella trext and html and stuff!
watch me hold down the macro keys!Collapse )
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06 June 2003 @ 02:51 am
fucking TAMACHAN keeps sending 迷惑メール to my phone! I got it like fucking 13 times today!!!
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06 June 2003 @ 02:01 pm
I really just dont understand my internet.
like, sometimes it will pop up these log on windows for websites that shouldn't need them.
like i go to livejournal.com, and i get an ftp log-in for some site with a name in french.
I kinda just ignore them.
but today I opened a page about grammar, and got an ftp log-in popup for "www.rape-rape.com" and the login name had auto filled in with my friend's hotmail adress.

I can't wait to get out of this internet hell.
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06 June 2003 @ 06:46 pm
I figured it out. My computer has SARS.

that's why it's so fucked up.