June 23rd, 2003


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Yes! my horrible horrible internet is working again, so that I can go online.

I'm sendingh like
uh, hella to the US via ship. which is pooy. blah.

uh, la la la chooopy!
dknjflggsjnklgfa <== Just remembered something! やばい!!
uh. yeah, I'm i'm getting a cold. and I bought the camera for 40,215yen after tax, which is like $380 ish. so yeah. good deal.
but i had to pay in cash, so I don't have too much money left over (sad sad)
and yes. it will probably cost like $300 to send all my stuff back. and... I dont have a box to send my posters of guitar back in. fuck, I need to get like a box for the guitar. poooooo!
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MM2 ending

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Wow. Yumi and Kirstin just came to my room and brought me a cake and sung happy birthday to me.
that made me really happy cause Stuff like that never happens to me. so it made me happy.
yeah. That's about it. wuuu.

oh, and they gave me a card that opens and plays music.

Now I am 21. 行くゼ!
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