July 19th, 2003

Luffy Crack

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Slightly full of god.

First we need a song to set the scene. (this is somewhat like the thesis of an essay. )
Then we need to make stuff to explore and explain the individual characters who are in the thing.
Anal fistula.
Chalk is inserted into the Chalk sharpener. That’s when there is a long period of the time that is forced into the squares. Lots of time was spent in the creation. But who’s creation is it there?
Somepeople like to think of the people who don’t know, but they need to find the last place on the people that can’t find it now.

Here comes trouble. Big trouble in litte china!

Lots of people like to eat manayones. But they can’t find the manayse.

Raised in the outback, there is lots of kangaroos. But next to the kangaroos, there is a really big city. The city is filled with Snakes.
The snakes are actually bio engineered by the government, These snakes are sent out to all the parts of the world. They are hunted in Canada by the dreaded mongoose that seeks their Robotic spines to make a necklace.

One day there was a boy who Had lost his arm in the war. (the war in Cosovo) but he Still has feeling in the hand. He feels that his hand is still out there, because he can still feel it.

When he is in Spanish class, the teacher asks “do you have any questions?”
And they don’t have any questions.
And the teacher keeps asking about if people have ideas about anything,
But then suddenly The kid screams, and he says that feels like he can feel something. Like there is something wet and sticky on his fingers.
And then he says “Where is My hand!”
And then they Look at him, and they scream!

He leaves the School. As his school is bombed by the Morgans.
Mongoose seek the people’s brain.
Stripes are forever.

What is romance?
The kid wonders about where he is going in life. He sits by the curb and sings about being alone.
Suddenly a girl comes and she is the hello kitty queen. She has a morning musume like song about finding Happyness through Materialism.
She takes him to the Store to find his material happiness. And he starts to fall in love with her.
He finds a love of action figures! (or something like that.)
As they are in the store, he buys a toy and brings it home.
It turns into a robot, and the robot Is a mongoose.
He takes the robot to the Zoo, so that It can bemore like it’s own people, but it starts to fight with the snakes.
The snakes all riot, and the hero is foced to go away.
This is crap. The story ends.