July 26th, 2003


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I got home from work at like 7:30 and then fell asleep instantly. then I woke up at 1 in the morning, and couldnt go back to sleep.
now it's 3:18, and I still can't sleep, but aleast I've gone on the internet and looked at the porn from my old computer. (ah memories...)
now there is like something throbbing in the back of my head.

and I have to go to work tomorrow.
I think it's funny that I get to work on Saturday. blah. blah blha. yar!
I think the rest of the guys are going to play Warcraft III tomorrow. but I will be sitting around not doing anything because we don't have anymore ink cartridges, because my new system is so efficent we ran out of materials much sooner than the previous projection. I'm kinda hungry. I think I'll watch tv a little? or something?
bleep bloop.
everyone call my new phone.
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