August 25th, 2003


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I Hate writting my work experience, because I've never had a job title, nor a really clear discrption of what I was supposed to be doing..... bahg!

on a different note, I got all the cool stuff off my old computer.
I realized I have a lot of unflattering naked pictures of myself.
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Mega Man Party!

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ow do I setup my email in Outlook Express?
Click on Tools, then choose Accounts. Click Add and choose Mail. Type in the name you want you emails to display. For example, I would type "Matthew Kwiecien." Click next. Enter your full email address: Click next. Since our servers support both protocols, you can choose either POP3 or IMAP. Both the incoming and outgoing servers are Click next. The account name is your full email address: Enter the password for this as well. If you do not wish to have to enter the password every time you check you email, leave the "Remember password" checkbox checked. Do NOT check the "Secure Password Authorization" box. Click next. Click finish. You account is now setup to recieve email.
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