September 9th, 2003


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I stopped getting viruses. I think maybe it's because I made better filters, or something.
um. I also found out that the hella rockin' chinese gba game I played dosent seem to save the castlevania game correctly, although it has a really good interface for the rest of the thing. if only it saved it, cause I started playing it, and got excited because it's fun (and it's the japanese version, so I get to practice important kanji like 死神 and 殺す and 逃げる.) but um. Maybe I'll try it again. cause it seems like there is a battery in the game, I just might not work correctly to save or soemthing.... I think it saves the save states of all the nintendo games from 1985 that are also on the cart. (so that means lots of crappy macross type games.) roar!

they play postal service on live105.3 sometimes.
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    postal service


what are commonly use skinnable applications that I could make skins for?
my list so far is:
winamp2, winamp3, AIM, Trillian

Please comment with other ones.
(and by skinnable, I mean skinnable that you don't have to do difficult stuff to make work, and that you can skin for free)
thank you.
the winner will get a prize.
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I"m pimping out my computer, and I'm watching that show at the same time.
oh no! I"m missing xmen~!! ok. now I"m watchinging it.

oh no! spike ate poision!

some pirate lady gave it to her.
I think it's calisto! maybe they will have Marrow in it!
uh. I"m gonna go to A trade show tomorrow. it will be awesome! it's like I"m all profesional! yay!
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