October 12th, 2003

Mega Man Party!

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Elliot the panda

I’m going to an emo show

Goes to an emo show in
But he gets lost on he way
And he goes through a emo time warp
And he comes out as a panda!
Then he goes to the emo show, and finds that he is a panda
And then the music stops as he walks through the door.
Everyone stops and stares.
But then he starts dancing, and playing the keyboard and then the guitar and then the drums, and the he wears a sweater. and the whole house gets hopping!
The panda power ballad!

He goes to sleep in his warm panda bed,
And dreams his sweat panda dreams.
And when he wakes up, he is back to normal.
And he listen to the get up kids.
And does his panda dance.

All hail our leader Arnold!

Eliot woke up and crawled out of bed
Pulled his emo shirt over his head
Approaches his low top converse
And pulls out a ticket to an emo show

Finds his car and gets out on the road
He has no friends because emo’s alone
The night sky is stary
An empty moon cast dark on his head

And then all of a sudden
His radio picked up an emo sound
And then a strange emo light appeared
From the sky’s darkened crown

The car began to swerve
And he smelled the smell of emo chedder
And then a depressing voice sings loud
Don’t forget to bring your sweater!!!

He can’t find parking at the emo show
He parks in a spot that’s marked for emo
His car looks sad and lonely
As he walks towards the front door

Eliot gives the girl his ticket
Her frightened frown made him feel sad
The show had already started
He stepped inside and stood in back

And then all of a sudden
The music stopped and people turned
They stared right at emo eliot
Their tears glistened as they learned

Eliot began sob quietly
He ran into the bathroom stall
As he emerged he looked in the mirrior
It was mounted on the emo wall

He stared at his sad reflecion
The mirrior’s image did conqurer
All across and Up and down his body
Was black and white PANDA FUR

His mind tracks back to the moment in the car
The emo voice the smell of cheese
He quickly made the connection
He’s now a PANDA by jeeves!!!

He steps out the bathroom backinto the show
He set his sights for the stage and stepped forward
The people stared as he stepped up
He grabbed the mic and guitar
He sang the song that he’d written
About how his lifes gone thisfar

The crowed listened in silence
As he cried out his tune
About his life as a panda
And thankfully not a racoon

All the crowd began to think bout it
And one handed him his sweater
The people instantly related
And his emoness made them better

Then he emoed out bout pandas
And how they are going extict
And lonely they are with such a small population
Every day is emo for a panda
Every day is emo for a
Hot hot hothot hothothotho