October 13th, 2003

Mega Man Party!

response to a journal i can't comment it

I only lived in tokyo for a year (july 2002-july 2003,) but I have had every one of the experiences of both the main characters. I told my friends that I felt it was an accurate portrayal of a gaijin's experience in contempoary tokyo. I felt it was good that they balanced the stereotypical excessive bowing/politeness of the agents and other salryman types with the pot smoking musicians, which is definantly an important part of tokyo pop culture, but is poorly represented in contemporary media. Additionally, the comercial shoot was exactly the same as when I would do modeling/video work. Luckily I could understand what the director was saying, but it was compleatly correct.

school is rad!

I think I've figured out what my graduate research can be on:
Computers in the schools, and how to get teachers to understand their resources better, especially with regards to immagrant students, and understanding the internet and it's resources.
and then going to schools and getting a grant to do research that would both teach teachers how to use their computer resources, but also see where deficent areas are, and then write about how to fix them.

I want to make a play for my final senior project. I want to write about an immagrants experience in japan, and about all the social taboos that are not adressed in school overtly, and the main character will have a socially unfunctional grasp about it. things like the swastika is evil, even though the kanji "manji" looks the same, and has a different meaning. also, things like how you don't talk about pearl harbor in front of a japanese decendent, and you don't describe black people as "black" but you're like "the one with the newest shoes" stuff like that. that is my idea. and stuff.

yes. It makes me want to be a better programmer, because there are so many teacher<=> communication issues that could be solved with realitivly simple XML and what not.
Maybe I can enlist ravi and kevin type people to program. I mean, it's not like they're gonna get a job anywhere else with programming skills. Especially in todays technophobe society.
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friendster is a piece of shit. it e-mals me about having messages, and then I go to read them, and they don't show up. what, do they manually re-type all the messages or soemthing?