October 26th, 2003


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Today bobby and I went to work. man.

going to palo alto is such a fucking time using thing. (sync hole is the word)

I hate leaving santa cruz. I don't have enough time.
I stupidly watched super long pleasantville tonight.

blah. I need to do things.
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so I open OUTLOOK today, and it tells me it moved something, and now all my settings, and all my e-mail setup things are gone. also, various menu commands are gone as well. and I don't know how to make it go back. That means I'm going to have to re-set up all 6 of my e-mail boxes, and then re-makes all my filters. of course, I will also have to re-create my spam filters.
it even changed my office assistant back to that ugly-ass paperclip!

damn it.
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Mega Man Party!

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I managed to fix it, but I don't know what the problem was. I also found out it will probably re-appear eveytime I start my computer.


Taken from TIME.com

More broadly, students who attend failing schools could suffer as the SAT morphs from a test of general-reasoning abilities into a test of what kids learn in school. "There's a danger that making it too curriculum-dependent will actually increase overall score gaps for some minority groups," says Rebecca Zwick, a former chair of the College Board's own SAT Committee. "Because we have such huge disparities in the quality of schooling in the country, kids who go to crummy schools may be disadvantaged."