October 28th, 2003

Mega Man Party!

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ZeroBatsu: yeah, alot of my mp3s were made from wav files that cary no metadata
injunravi: ah
ZeroBatsu: , except for the filename and directory organization
injunravi: well now it's a good opportunity to start adding id3 tags
ZeroBatsu: which is another problem
ZeroBatsu: yeah
ZeroBatsu: i fucking did that for all the choji moji songs
ZeroBatsu: such a fucking chore
ZeroBatsu: I'm not going to do that for like 10,000 other random ass songs
injunravi: there might be programs that can do it for you
ZeroBatsu: http://www.softpointer.com/tr.htm
ZeroBatsu: yay!
ZeroBatsu: my complaining made a program magically appear!
injunravi: nice
injunravi: maybe you are secretly god
ZeroBatsu: that sounds about right
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ok, so I finally got itunes to work correctly. and I also took 3 hours to add relevant ID3 tags to all my music files. then I submitted my music to itunes "intelegent" file organization system.

So pretty much my organization system that had been developing over the last couple years is now gone.
WHich I guess is fine, because it was streched across several drives and years, and originally set up to facilitae napster. so yeah. the good part, is that now I have a reliable program to rip things from cds, and have thoes rips actually be encoded well, with proper ID3 tags, and put in a place that makes sense.
ALso, itunes has a pretty good system for editing ID3 tags (even on multiple files at once.) also, there is some sort of sharing thing that it has that I will have to research.
also, the search feature is pretty good. the Painful part was just moving everything into itunes.
and that it's pretty bland looking, especially after using Winamp. but it should be good in the long run, especially with the way it organizes my ripped cds well.