November 21st, 2003

Mega Man Party!

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Man I hate this time of year so much. Like the instant it got cold I just turned into a super hibernation bear, and don’t want to do anything. like, I don’t want to do work or buy anything or make anything, i just want to sit around.
Actually, I am really really excited about work on saturday. and about working during december. isn’t that awesome? I’m excited about school getting out so I can work full time.
Also, I’m excited about making the Music video proposal. yeah. bleep bleeopppp.

but like yesterday i cut class and didn’t even write an excuse to any of my teachers or anything. I wonder if lauren gave eric her compeuter?

Why is my cell phone broken!?!?!
actaully I hope it’s compleatly unfixable, because then I can get a new one, which would be really cool, cause the one I got is pretty ghetto, and I really don’t like the menus or anything.
yeah. I don’t know what phone I would get if I were to get a new one.
I really hope I don’t fail my arabic class. I think I have a chance of not doing well. arabiiia. fasrt fart.
I hate homework. and this stupid house has gotten to the point where the tv is always on, and people are here and I can’t do homework. balh, but I don’t care anymore. I just want to graduate..... blah.

I did manage to get a music video recorded with nick wednesday night. that was really fun.

Also, I bought “The Rocket Summer” CD. it’s really good. Some people say it’s too emo, but I love it. It is highly recomended. it’s also pretty amazing that he wrote, preformed and produced the entire album himself! also, apparently he also has a liveshow, where he also somehow plays 4 insturments by himself. or something, I don’t know, but that would be fucking kickass to see.
so yeah, that’s making me happy lately.
actually comptuers in general have just been making me happy.
I want to learn how to code better.
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