December 7th, 2003

Luffy Crack

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I worked for 13 hours straight at PACT on saturday. it was fun. I edited like 40 minutes of super fun video.
I think that the three camera stuff that we are capable of doing now is hella cool!
you'll all have to come and see the play that I did this stuff for when it is ready.
I have to fix things in the pawn shop scene. one of the effects came out wrong, and there is a part where I used the wrong angle by accident.

My palm TUngsten C came to me this week. isn't that rad! I'm happy! yay!
It's loads of fun. but I can't get it to work with my e-mail. booo-urns.
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I'll just scroll up and down on my LJ friends page. maybe my essay will write itself.
Having a job that I like really makes me not want to pay attention in school.
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