December 13th, 2003

Mega Man Party!

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Alex was killing babies. THen he realized he was shooting alien sperm. then his thing impregnated the egg.
now there's sperm all over the screen. and he nuked it.

It's all nick Dulin's fault.
Mega Man Party!

(no subject)

-Too many sex stains
-Zangief video game
-Don’t wanna go home
-Metal video
-New kiss
- Just me
- Pirates don’t
-Tetsuo Method

-Coffe shop Live show
- Jungle live show
- Battle of the Bands in San fran
- PACT show maybe?
- Zangiefa

Dumb little videos
-Skateboard video
-Rehersal video
-little Clips of stuff
-Clouds Mystery Hour

-A history of Choji Moji
-What we see for the future of Choji Moji

-Slide show
A bunch of pictures