January 8th, 2004

Mega Man Party!

Crapy school 何て面倒くさいな学生経験!!!

hello. School is pissing me off. I am pissing me off. knjlknjknjjd
OMG yo don't understand the crappyness! why can't I fricking get into the class? what is wrong with you stupid teachers! there's fricking empty chairs in your fucking classroom?!?!!? WTF! stop being fucking gimps! blah. I hate how I can't manage my time, and everything, no matter how early I start it ends up getting done poorly and at the last minute. I wish I could just take a year off from school, but that is just runnin away from my problems. on a different note, I am slightly excited about my potential script for chataqua. I think I will go somewhere and work on it.
actually, I'm really tired and by tired I mean hungry, and this keyboard feels like it has jizz in it or something. I want t just steal this keyboard, cause nick took his itunes computer keybord away. I wonder If there are any USB keyboards laying around my house. I dont want to have to buy one or anything, that would suck-mo!

I really like computers and video games. they make me so happy. I think it's silly to try and obstain from video games. I totally had fun playing FFX-2. I realy like it. I think ravi would complain about it, but I'm enjoying it. I don't really like to complain about things like video games.

I think the only thing I complain about is paying money for food. Which I find only slightly entertaining, but mostly I think it is just aqnnoying to eveyone. also, poor use of my time. I complain about that alot. It's really anooying.

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i did some personal time relaxing today. at least I have my video editing class in the bag.
I"m excited, because there's so much therory that I don't have because I never really took any theatre classes. so we talked about stuff that I had an understanding of, but wouldn't have been able to articulate.
I'm excited!
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