January 29th, 2004


I forgot how amazing this was!~

Eric, Kyle, chou.

ERIC: hey, I got a job!
Kyle: WOW! that's great! now you will be able to buy new cat little for the cat box!
CHOU: yeah. it's smelly. and the littler is full of amonia from the pee pee.
Kyle: hahahah! you said pee pee.
Chou: that cat's really expensive. how much do you get paid?
ERIC: don't you want to know what job I got?
Chou: aren't you working at the car wash?
Kyle: I'm working at the car wash. you're thinking of me.
Chou: oh, I'm always thinking of you, hot stuff!
Eric: I make robots at the robot factory!
Kyle: the robot factory! you mean that place next to the supermarket?
Eric: you're thinking of the drycleaners
Kyle: yeah, but theyre's robots there, right?
Chou: you know I used to live at the drive through?
Kyle: you mean the drive cleaners?
Eric: You mean the Dry cleaners?
Chou: yeah, the robots at the dry cleaners.
Eric: I wish our cat was a robot, then we wouldnt have to buy kitty litter.
Chou: how much does that cost, I forget.
Eric: uh,, like $8 or $10
Kyle: really? that's pretty expensive.
Eric: yeah, I have been dipping into my savings.
Kyle: oh... I feel bad now...
Chou: how come?
Kyle: cause I lied. I don't work at the robot factory.
Eric: that's ok. at least you don't work at the car wash!
Kyle: actaully, I don't have a job at all. I'm sorry.
Eric: that's ok, we don't have a cat.