February 27th, 2004


iphoto fun

Hello. I got my LJ client working again.
I put all the photos of people and stuff from the last 6 years into iphoto, and now have 5003 pictures of people and stuff from the last 6 years. It's a pretty healthy collection, although I really should have taken more pictures during sophmore year and when I was in japan.
I need to scan in all the pictures from the parties we've been having here.

iPhoto is actaully still a flawed program. it's like "why did they make it do these things that are stupid?" I think they need to make it more like itunes if they are going to use the same organization philoshophy. yeah. but now I can share all my photos and stuff.
I wish there was a way to like, have multiple parts for pictures that I want to have organized, but dont want to have in the library. like porn. and stuff.
but yeah.


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