March 16th, 2004


random stuff.

both xjournal and ijournal arent working on my computer. poo poo.
I finished my children’s book, and now the link wont work, because apparently is broken for real again. I mean, it’s not bad cause I pay like $9 for 5GB of webspace, so I’m getting what I pay for.
uh. yesu even though they did screw up my user name when I changed accounts. (blah)
uh.. yeah.
now i have to quickly make up a video presentation.
asiuhjndskjsdhhjksd!@ why didn’t i just ask if I could do formicans? blah. now I have toi slap together some crap. stupid Fing link! uh. I likfe coffeee.
I want to stay and play with computers. huzzah!
yeah. I’m gonna make my DVDs in the next couple days.

party on wednesay!
the guy who writes MacHall gets so much has bad spelling. too lazy to delete extra words. that’s what made me think of it, was my spelling. I like having a computer here. in the living room. I want to get money to have more technology.
I’m gonna set up a filemaker pro 7 database for children’s theatre. man! I’m so excit4ed about making a fucking database. that’s so retarded. but exciting. uh.iljn cvdd yes. oh. I need to call the magazine people about how they fucked up my address and my magazine still isn’t here. I’ll do that at 830... tomorrow
because I need to do my video thing. I wonder if this is like one of patrick’s entries that just gets skimmed. I really like the art I made for my book. I want to make posters of it and stuff. that would be neat. I think some of the images are quite striking.
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