March 31st, 2004

Mega Man Party!

stupid things from MCSPatula

the133 be17 i'm9
i76 have16 do9
to74 like15 people9
a68 had15 as9
of56 by15 can9
and47 up13 but8
is35 they13 what8
you34 with13 your8
that30 or12 man8
this28 when11 who8
in26 all11 stuff8
was25 if11 want7
for25 now11 uh7
it22 would10 so7
my19 on9 from7
are18 one9 some7
LJ Word Count (Beta!) by hutta

I'm impressed that "Uh" made it on the list. that's rad.
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This is troys:
the377 we51 best32
and252 was51 people31
of225 but48 an30
i220 movie45 you29
to175 on45 as29
a171 really43 one28
in141 have43 they28
it92 like42 be27
is89 all40 do26
that88 me39 what26
so79 it's39 year25
this68 at39 from24
for68 i'm38 there24
my64 just37 more24
with61 about35 because23
he58 are35 up23
LJ Word Count (Beta!) by hutta

It's interesting to note the differences. for example, Troy has alot more nouns and adjectives, while mine is mostly prepasitions and conjunctions. My nonun and adjectives are limited to posessive pronouns and words like "stuff" and "it". also, my verbs are derevitives of "to be" or "to go".
What does this say about my writting?
Mega Man Party!

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I got to a stupid boss in the sidequests that casts ultima on the first round.
looks like I'm gonna have to come back when I get auto-life, cause If he just did flare, and killed one guy instead of killing all of them, I would be able to beat him with my super agro attack strat!
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Karen does not use livejouranl or even read it, as evidenced by her utter lack of posts of late.
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