April 5th, 2004

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I have decided that I desperatly need a cell phone that I can sync with my computer via bluetooth. then I could actually put my schedual on it, and since I would always have it, It would be more helpful. man... That's what I need. I project December '04.
First I am going to buy a G5 for my mom so that I can use her G4. and Also I will buy myself a car.
yes, that would rock!
and I will have sex with more than 1 person legally.
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Mega Man Party!

vTony: well yeah he’s- Veron: That’s it! He a woman! He’s not a man at all, he’s a woman who dresse

Tony: well yeah he’s-
Veron: That’s it! He a woman! He’s not a man at all, he’s a woman who dressed up as a man to sneak into the roman army!
Tony: [at first is shocked that he could think that. Then decides that by arguing with her it will draw attention to herself.] Yes! That’s the only possibility!
Veron: Think about the facts, Tony! He can’t stand up very well, he eats out of the trashcan, he never worries about how his hair looks, Totally different from you and me. And that’s exactly what girls are; they’re totally different than men. What else could it be?
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characterized by strong emotional dependence on a mother or other nurturing person, especially to the extent of exhibiting or causing serious developmental and psychological disturbances

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