April 20th, 2004


I have 99 Beatles songs. I didn't know they made that many.

I bought the wrong book from amazon.com
hrm. I really need to work on my time management skills.
I pretty much got the play done. now I just need to go back through it and make it less dumb, and kinda polish the parts that are dumb.
although the part were a computer voice just narrates a big plot point is still kinda special. and that last scene with all teh exposition.
I just hope it gets acted/directed well.
I can controll my itunes from my keyboard.

Today I stold hella music with Leechster! I got hella Cowboy Beebop and Beatles and No doubt and Weezer.

And I have a program that automatically gets the album art for songs. this computer is totally rockin. but I guess they released a slightly better version of the same thing for the same price. if I were to buy one now, or If I was nick dulin, this would be totally awesome!

oh yeah! I also stold a CD of "the advantage" thery're like a minibosses cover band. Basically a nintendo cover band that sounds like minibosses and plays a few different songs. they would be rad to hear live. yeah. I've still yet to find video game covers that sound like choji moji's

here come the sun and sun king sound similar. weird.

I'm psyched about working at PACT. we're getting some nice new equipment. and by "some" I mean "A lot" and by "nice" I mean "this is worth more than I make in 6 months working full time!"

yep yeop yep.
uh. yeah.

I wish my life had more to it than work.
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