April 29th, 2004

Mega Man Party!

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I wonder if I will get my parents house. I always assumed they would sell it and move away, but what if they don't?

That's a weird thought. Although I do like the house. I could always rent it out to Stanford kids...
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MM2 ending

finished a game


so I beat Metroid Fusion.
the ending was kind of random.
All in all it was a fun game. I like super metriod more, but I really liked how this game actually told me what the fuck i was suposed to be doing, so that I could actually do things to make progress, instead of wandering back and forth through the levels lost and annoyed. Which I did A LOT OF in the super nes one.
Samus is hot.

also, i liked how this game had text, and she was talking. the plot was very much apreciated, but I thought they could have made it even more suspenseful - although there were times

this song is hellla funny!

there were times that I was all scared that something was going to jump out and eat me, which happened a few times. that was good.


fuck school! fuck it hard!
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