April 30th, 2004


butts in my brain!

when does this fucking school end! I'm so fucking tired of it!!ggfjkndfsdf
I have fucking 6 weeks............... bdfksdfgkjb

so I thought I heard someone in Troy's room say my name as I walked by on the way to the bathroom. so I stopped and listened to what was being said. but I think it was really tim and troy eating peaches or oranges because I heard tim say, "oh my! that was a juicy one! I'm impressed." When did Troy get peaches? I thought they were out of season. of course, nothing is really out of season anymore, especially in california.
I'm tired of school. that's why I'm updating this fucking thing!
oh! my first issue of Wired came! I ordered it in december, and the first issue (may) came within the last couple days! It's amazing! huzzah! I wonder what happened to the issues such as febuary and april? I wonder if they were sent somewhere else? or maybe they just didn't process my order until recently. oh well.
I need to do my time better. but yes. oh.

I need aftereffects. or something! fuck! fdshiauflkjnfasd
I'm just gonna have to make some crazy karaoke plug in for livetype to make the stupid edge karaoke thing.

I think I had a dream about brittany and karen fighting. why would I have a dream about that? it was like brittany would say something that was totally non-sensical and then karen would get really upset and start crying, and everyone was like "oh god. STFU both of you." But I think that it was deeper than this, i just remember karen crying. hrm... I like my dreams where I can fly alot better than ones that are just like stupid re-enactments of real life. 脳が大好き!
This is a neat song. it's like someone changing tracks on an 8 track. I think we should do a song like this. that would be cool.... actually, I could just do that with the stuff we have. that would be neat!

I can't believe I now have 50 user icons, and the only thing I can think to add is liam user icon. Which I've actually been using alot, just because it's different than the icons that I've had for the passt 2 years+. yesu. desu!
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Shirt day

(no subject)

David Bowie or Lou Reed?: liam
if you could make a Jim Croche or Cat Stevens themed icecream flavor, what would it be?: I like Cats!
what is your opinion of babies?: Fun but alot of work
What was the first large city you saw in your life?: San Francisco
wierdest encounter with the police: that stupid Ilya thing
funniest place you have peed: into an old taco bell cup in the black box. that was awesome.
favorite form of transportation: taxi
If you were a supermodel, who would you breed with to produce beautiful children?: Kendel Webster!
Least favorite remake of a song: brittany spears I like rock and roll.
guilty pleasure 70's easy listening music act: I have that?
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MM2 ending

This is my 23rd entry. you play the game too!

Tuesday, August 8th, 2000 04:59 am

today was a good day for me. Patrick, Parker and Will are still here. they are aslepe now, but I am not. I will be shortly. i got more presents than i did last year (which was like 2 or 3) so I'm happy in that area, everyone had fun. even poor helen and meg. I'm gonna go to sleep.

Wow! That was that super awesome birthday party I had where we played 10 player bomber man and DDR and SHAQ-FU!!!!!!
man. I think that party was the culmination of my childhood. 18 years of video games and friends all galvanized into an incredably awesome night of drug free fun!
Highlights of that night:
* Adrian Breaking Helen's underwear
* going outside in front of my house with skateboards
* Wil Howe
* parker and patrick putting adrian's feet into his underwear so that he couldn't move in an attempt to avenge helen's underwear.
* Elliot actually hanging out with us.
* I probably had sex with helen. or maybe she hadn't broken up with marc yet. It's good neither of them read this, so I can talk about the weird marc/helen thing. uh getting side-tracked
* nice weather
* playing Street Fighter III
* garrett and meg came by also.
* I actually got birthday presents which I hadn't done for like... 8 years previous to that.

It really frusterates me to see all my peers and friends totally unable to have a good time without drinking. Just think of how much fun We've had growing up that didn't involve drinking. then think about how Quinn spends like $120 for one night of drunken partying that usually half the people don't even remember. People need to play video games more. you know how much fun we had a ravi's place on the way ack from chico playing mario kart? for the price of alcohol for one party we could go out and buy a game cube ($99) and mario party ($30) and then be able to play that for the next 100 years!!!! Alcohol is for fucking lame ass retards.

The end.
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