May 6th, 2004

Luffy Crack

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man... the morning is so boring when I don't have any cofee to drink. man. I need to drive to school, but I have no more small change. how did this happen? and now I think nick is asleep.

man.... I dont want to drive to the store for cfofee. this all sucks.
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Mega Man Party!

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wow. my Windows computer is still pretty nice. I like having two computers. wow, I have two computers. I never thought the day would come.
I always thought that I wasn't computer nerdy enough because I didn't do Computer science or anything like patrick or ravi, but LOOK WHO HAS TWO LAPTOPS! hahahahahahahahahah! it's werid how differnet the keys are. I like the keys on this. also, the screen is bigger. it's like I staring into a big beautiful void. huzzah! yaya!