May 26th, 2004

Mega Man Party!

a post about what's up. Look at my new icon!

I Love computers. I’ve been in a good mood lately. It’s weird to think about the degree that I don’t have controll over my mood. how it’s impossible for me to be anything but depressed in the winter, and impossible for me to be anything but extatic during the summer. like for the last week I notice I’m just not doing a super lot, but I’m just really feeling good internally. And I don’t mind that, but then I’m like why do I feel so good, it’s really justifed - nothing special is going on today. and then I’m like, woah, I can’t even feel unhappy right now. like, I can’t will myself to slow down and be depressed - exactly the way I can’t do anything to change my mood during the horrible horrible winter months. I just thoiught it was funny. I guess it’s like when you’re on drugs and suddenly you hava a meta moment and are like, lets see if I can think normal again, and then you can’t and you’re like “oh - I’m just stuck being drugged”
speaking of which, I kinda want to do some nice drugs and chill. maybe do some orgy type stuff as well, or at least play Street Fighter. Holy shit, Capcom is makaing another game where they take the sprites from old games and make them fight each other. I’m excited about karin (if she’s really in the game = I really thought she was a awesome character) and darkstalkers. as much as Morrigan is my personal hoe, It’s nice to get to kick it with my friend Dimitri and felecia some more. I think Dimitri is underutilized - even though he is just a weird ryu clone, I think that he has more interesting things going on than just a ryu clone. but holy shit if they put third strike Necro into the game I am soooo going to be there. or maybe Donnovan - who is my personal favorite. I was really sad that they took him out of gem fighter. I mean, why? it’s not like they had too many characters, and it’s not like they didn’t already have his animations!!! man, but hsien-ko and Donnovan are my favorite darkstalkers characters. it would be really great if they could update the graphics for the new game and have it rival guilty gear. I think that with the advent of Sammy vs Capcom (ooooooooo!) they’re thinking about doing it. and I mean, it’s retarded not to! I mean, they’re getting hellllla flak from japan and the US - and then in japan like, they have the CvS2 cabinents right next to the guilty gear and you’re like -” wow, I’m playing hella blocky atari game here!” man. the high rez guilty gear japan cabinents looked so good. blah. I wish I had time to play games again. I’m excited about wingspread because then I’ll get to have hella people over at night and show them my rad japan ps2. also, I’ll have more money so I can buy some new games for it. roar. I like living in japan. yesu.
Well look, I set out to write an entry about what’s going on, and it turned into a video game post. I dont know. I was going to post about how love (or lust more accuratly) and crushes are kinda nice, but they are also really distracting. I have hella been on AIM lately and now that chautauqua’s over I should really be only working on my thesis but instead I’m like. “work work. oh! let’s IM kimmi for 3 hours. oh, lets fix bobby’s compouter which has over 2 gigs of undeletable viruses and hidden files on it - preventing me from formatting the drive for some reason. oh, I’ll just sit on AIM for a while while it re-installs XP.” GOD DAMN bobby needs to just save his money and get an ibook or at least an emac. maybe an old g4. any-fucking-thing would be better than his cur4rent shit. man. I am so happy with my powerbook. it is like a gift from jesus everyday! (hahaha who knows what that’s from) yeah. do that bobby. The good news is that I’m retarded and finally realized that both ben and bobby can access their choji moji e-mail from outlook express which is already installed on their computers. that means no pegasus mail, and no broken squirell mail. man. I’m excited about getting bobby’s computer working again. I wonder if my dad has any good diagnostic software.
ah, my dad. isn’t it father’s day or something. I’m looking forward to doing nice things for my parents once I’m at home and have money. like, I’m gonna make a nice big photo of me and Brittany for my parents - and maybe also Jeniffer. that woould be cool. I should call jennifer more. I am really stupid at keeping family connections. I think cause I just grew up taking my family for granted and for not being really openly apreciative I feeel weird trying now. because it’s very obvious when someone’s like “oh We should be more like a family” yes, so I only think to talk to my dad about computer stuff. I don’t know. I hope I have a different family relationship when I am a parent in 9 years. I think that would be fun.
hrm... yeah. so Lust and crushes are distracting. It’s easier to just get really happy about electronics. I want to buy new clothes. I went to Ross with Karen and Quinn yesterday. I’m sad because there is like half a store filled with different girl stuff and then like a 5th of the store is filled with men’s jeans. and it’s like “what if I don’t want slightly baggy jeans or ugly, too big button shirts! I already bought one of thoes from ross, and it was $25. I’m gonna save my money and go to hot topic or something. or buy internet clothes. I should buy some of thoes sexy/weird $25 underwear on that site that was acutally gay porn in disguise. I mean, I frickin have underwear from 7th grade. I think I can afford to get some new underwear, especially if it’s microsilk or whaterever that weird stuff was. hrm... I wanted to show my 102 year old grandma the tape of my play so she could see a play I wrote before she died, but troy decided it would be “clever” and “funny” to tell the actors to not say their lines right and add random profanity. I was sitting in the audience compleatly embarrased, thinking “well I guess I’ll never show this to my bosses at work, or anyone in my family.” which is too bad because If my boss had liked the production I would have gotten to produce a version in palo alto. but oh well. now I’m gonna have to pass it off via the script alone. (or maybe If troy can get a copy of the archive tape. then I can show them that.) yeah. oh well. Life goes on I guess. I’ll just have to change my plans.
so yeah. hrm... That got me distracted. also reminded me about writting the chautauqua trhing due tonight. hahah. stupid post omortom.
I get to go to palo alto today. I get to be finger printed for work. balha. I reaslly like working at the children’s theatre. I am sooooooo happy that I’ve gotten to make flyers and posters because I think they turned out well. now that I know what we’re doing I’m gonna be able to make the posters even better. man - if I could work there full time and get to do design for all of their print things that would be the best ever. just imagine if the calenders and news letters actually looked good instead of looking like 100% crap! oh man. but most of all, I would love to be able to do the programs as they are embarasingly unprofessional looking. or at least show alison how to use photoshop. gosd!@!!!!!! OH MY GOD I HATE HOW THE PROGRAMS LOOKS! man.
I also am excited about editeding my children’s book. I really like how it looks, and everytime I look at it I am amazed that it looks so good. I would like to get it to a point were I would be satisfied to see it in print. yeah. I kinda want to show it to my grandma also. but It’s about death, and I don’t know if giveing a book about acepting death to a 102 year old family member is really an apopriate thing to do. maybe I can just give he a framed picture, or something. I would really like to learn more about photography and printing and stuff. Luckily I get to learn about that stuff at work, so I am learning, but I would have time to get books that I wanted to read. I hate the stupid crap school makes me do. I wish I could manage my own time.

actually I’d like to manage my time in general. I just spent like 30 minutes typing this, dringkng cofee and talking to my mom. If I had left for palo alto when I should have (about when I started typing this) I would be there now. fuck. fart. oh well. At leastnow I can go poo in my house, and not in my car going over 17. that’s a bad place to go poo.
I want to meet I-NO in real life. she is hotttie!@
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