May 30th, 2004

Mega Man Party!

The most fun ever!

I don’t know if I’ve explained this yet, but I’m working on a research project about the Education resources on the internet. One of the things I’ve finding is that educators don’t search for resources they do not believe exist. Wouldn’t it be nice to type in a message in English and have a computer output a spoken Spanish, French or german translaion? Yes it sounds like Star Trek science fiction. But to me it sounds like technologies that have been around for the past several years!!
First go here:

this site will translate all sorts of languages from one to another for FREE. Put in a few sentences in English, select “English to Spanish” in the pull down menu, and then click translate. In a few seconds the translation will pop up on a new page. Select the Spanish text, and copy it.
Now open a new window and go to this site:

Select “Spanish” from the pull down menu on the left. Now paste the Spanish translation from the other website into the box in the middle. Next click the go button to the right.
Now you should hear a realistic voice reading your Spanish! Isn’t that amazing?
Click back on your browser and have fun playing with the other languages.

So the point is that this technology like this already exists, and has existed for a long time – yet educators are still freaking out about language barriers! Just think, if technology this amazing is available for free right now, imagine how refined it will be in a few years when you are actually a certified teacher! you could use this sort of thing to communicate with parents, translate assignments, as well as use the spoken language to help a child read in their native language without a fluent adult! Seriously, the posibilities are limitless.
The end.
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please comment on my journal!!! I am getting so bored trying to write my senior thesis! bkjdsfjnds!
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