May 31st, 2004



I did some good work on my thesis in the last hour(s) I wrote a few pages mainly about how it is rediculious for this poorly managed, antiquated, socialist system (public U.S. education system) to try and prepare students for an efficency-valuing, pradime-shifting, capitalist system known as "the real world" (not the show specifically, although there certainly is crossover applicality.)
I talked about how by using a service such as cafepress, a teacher could translate students work directly into a (culturally valued) marketable good. Even more important, cafepress lets students transform their in-class doodlings and out of class rap compositions or artistic graffiti from social/scholasticly deviant waste into a cultrually valued and approved marketable good.
god, I hate this stupid antiquated system!

However, I believe it is important to once again look through utilitarian goggles and examine what works and what does not work in our society. I cannot make accurately make a broad statement such as “the US education system dosent” work, but I can in good conscious say that the strangly socialistic U.S. education system is conspicuously out of synch with the rest of our extreamly capitalistic society on all levels. Just look at what the private, capitalist sector of the computer industry has managed to do in the last 30 years! Microsoft was not even a company until 1975, and now it is an international standard! And yet in the same time the U.S. education system has not even been able to agree upon wheter or not instruction in a language students fully comprehend is beneficial to them!
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Kimi Fong is super hot! She is smart and responsible and has pretty eyes!
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fuck. I am eating an apple and it makes me tired. I hate being tired.
man, this day has been slightly productive. blarg. maybe I should just go to sleep again.

Everyone needs to pay me for internet. June is $7.42 /person May is $6.52 per person April is $6.52 - and my records show that only nick paid me for April.
I will put this on the refridgerator soon. and then everyone will pay me, just like we pay all our bills.
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