June 2nd, 2004


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why does the stupid teacher make us use his stupid elements in our program!!! I don't know what the hell his things are doing exactly, and I could do the same thing by writting my own thing - and then I would actually understand what is going on in the program!!!! grrrr!
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oh i was going to post somethig.

oh yeah, last night I peed all over my housemates. First I peed on bobby, and then I went into Quinn’s room and peed on her, then on troy, and finally on nick. Then I pretened to pee on Kori’s lesbian friend who was having a sleepover with her, but actually none of that happened, and I don’t want to continue thinking about it.
I’ve been having trouble gettin gup before 8 to do work. look! it’s already 9am!!! I had to wake up from my back-uip alarm!!!! man...
I hear momoko’s computer dosent work anymore. I would like to go and fix it.... I really don’t understand why computer fixing is so addictivly compelling to me. I want a G5! hrm. but they are expensive. if I get $2000 a month and I save it all, I could buy one in a few months (like 4?) yeah, that’s what I’ll do. ooo exciting! yay! wuu-wuu! then I will go to london and visit my london friends! hohohoho! man... I wonder if I could get a pay increase or anything. gravity is weird. if you imagine the world to be sideways, then gravity is like a giant maganet! just like magnet man! yes! hooray for megaman! hohohohohohohohohohoho hohohohoh. I want to buy more figures from japan!.
so, yeah, G5...

ohg! so I was explaining the content of my thesis to one of my bilingual education peers, and they were blown away by what I was saying. they’re reaction was basically, “wow! I didn’t know any of that was possible! but you’re saying it’s possible and free - and I can see how that would solve all sorts of problems!”
Stupid education fuckers! so trapped in their pathetic little world!
man. It’s rediculous to think that I have to start teaching in less than a week. uh well actually more than a week. but man. I just want to be out of here and back at work where I can design more publicity stuff. OMG I’m so excited about bringing in some of the publicity things my mom has experience doing to PACT. she was telling me about. like these giant vinal posters to put in the lobby. that would be super fun. I think I’m going to try and make one without telling them and then bring it in. or maybe not. but yeah, I’m excited about that.
I saw tripplets of Bellville with my mom on sunday. it was strange, but visually very interesting. but... the pacing was so weird. and there was alot of stuff that just didn’t make sense to me. And I realized that I should watch more foreign films (like europe ones) to try and get a feel for that kind of story telling.
it’s like when Nick and I watched shaolin soccer - there were parts where he said he thought were tragicially ironic, but the characters/actors didn’t get that irony, and it seemed like it wasn’t ironic in their culture and it was disturbing to him. But I was like, oh, seems normal. I guess because I’v become acclamated to thoes cultural/storytelling elements. I’ve actually had a lot of discussions about japanese film/anime (and by extension the chinese and korean the manga convention influenced cinematic things) and there are definant conventions that must be understood if one wishes to make sense out of “asian” films/animation. My mom, for example, still hasn’t really come to terms with many of thoes conventions, and after the movie she’s like “uh, I didn’t really understand.” mainly things such as the way explanation is not as forthcomming as in hollywood movies, but is usually embedded in extreamly short, initially meaningless shots (usually they appear to be scene setting shots.) it is by being able to note and member thoes meaningless shots and then add them into the context of what is happening hours (in movies) or episodes (in serise) later that one is able to make sense of what is going on. Especially in a serise such as evangellion (pretty much evetything that happens in that show is done that way.) but also in straight forward-seeming titles such as cowboy bebop and trigun (where there is the straightforward plot of each fight with a bad gun, but also the over all mystery behind the main character - which is never fully explained but understood through an acclimation of all the random little scene setting shots.) it’s like, Is Vash really one of the things in the light bulbs? It never explicitly says, “I am a light bulb thing” but there is very much evidence that he is, or at least has a very close connection with one.
so G5. yay!

Good Site, bad Site!

wow. I really like the design of http://blogger.com ! (bobbby is snoring. it is loud. I will go to school soon to escape! hohohoho!)
yeah. so my thesis is comming along well. I should add blogger.com info in addition to LJ info in my thesis, since they are similar.

but man! it's like a chic shoe company designed it! I love the logo and the colours! I should steal some design elements. hohohoh.
compare it to: http://www.lessonplans.com/ !!!!
and that's one of the better designed sites!!!! Most education sites look like they took strongbad's "how to make a website" advice seriously. I mean, no one cares about your stupid "website of the day!" awards, or your ugly animated gifs!!!!!1~~~~!!!~1!!~!!
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