June 10th, 2004

Mega Man Party!



was going to say smoething... why did I open Lj client? hrm... mysterious!

I'm going to PAlo alto now. I hope my singing is good! omg!
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I rocked Auditions! this is going to be a totally rockin summer!

This is one of my audition monolouges
I want to talk to you about life. It's just too difficult to be alive,
isn't it, and try to function. There are all these people to deal with.
I tried to buy a can of tuna fish in the supermarket, and there was this
person standing right in front of where I wanted to reach out to get the
tuna fish, and I waited a while, to see if they'd move, and they
didn't. they were looking at tuna fish too, but they were taking a real
long time on it, reading the ingredients on each can like they were a
book, a pretty boring book, if you ask me, but nobody has; so I waited a
long while, and they didn't move, and I couldn't get to the tuna fish
cans; and I thought about asking them to move, and that's when my cell phone went off! I have it set up so that different numbers play a different ring tone and it just so happens that I the particular number calling me is set to play the flipper tv show theme song, and this idiot spins around, flailing the can'o'literary masterpiece Tuna at me, and screams, "Sir! There is NO dolphin in this can of tuna, and furthermore I am insulted by your passive-agressive insinuation!" of course all my focus is on digging my cellphone out of my pocket, so I'm not even paying attention to what he's saying - and I look up just it time to see him hurl the can of tuna past me. Of course I, being a conesuoir of tuna was aghast to see it wasted, and immediately punched him in the stomach. The next thing I knew, he had flown 20 feet through the air and knocked over the entire display of generic brand captain crunch. That was when I noticed an empty school bus being driven by someone who looked exactly by the president. I rushed out the door to the parking lot but it was too late. He had left _all_ the children behind. *shake head*

also, I am in palo alto.
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