July 4th, 2004


library books

so... I'm in noises off. I don't know how I'm going to memorize all these lines, I can barely keep the 50 beauty and the beast lines memorized correctly! oh man.
but yeah.
Work is weird. sometimes it's really great and I really like the new projects I get to work on. Other days I am just super frusterated that They aren't letting me do things like make more posters. I really want to make show posters that people can buy at the shows and stuff like that. I would also really like to be able to sell the individual pictures that we take. I think it would be really easy!
I'm just glad that they finally let me go to frys and buy stuff. crap like a new hard drive that we really should have gotten a year ago. I ordered some RAM for my computer and one of the work computers. that's gonna be rad! hahahaha!
oh well, time to start laundry! I think my dad and sister are out riding motorcycles.
I got my paycheck for the first 2 weeks of work. it was nice. I wish I got more than $2k a month. maybe I should start looking at other job options. It's annoying that they're too busy/disorganized to talk about my job status and the future until august.
oh, and the fuckers at my school fucking wrote that I had a minor when I didn't!!! fuckers! what the hell! now my process is on hold!!! at least I have my major declared. that's good. yay!