July 13th, 2004



I'm having a fun time.
I dont know who is in into the woods.
I am glad I am in it though.
What should I say about this? It's weird that I'm thinking of censouring myself, because I never do, but I know so many interested parties read this..

So, I get to be the narrator in into the woods. I'm really excited about it. but if I got some other part I wouldn't have cared, because I'm not super excited about the show like derek or dustin or Andrew. in fact, I really have never ever liked the show. I always thought it was stupid and boring, and I didn't like the agony song, and the first time I saw it I got really sick to my stomach at intermission and so that's the impression I have of it.
But I figure that so many people must like it there must be some thing good about it. And even though I'm not god's gift to singing, I do enjoy it. And I've put enough effort into the stupid children's theatre that I deserve to get some good roles.
Also, I think noises off will be really really good! yeah.
so that's good.
Also, My ram came, so I now have 1.3Gb of RAM. I want to buy more hard drives for my computers at work. I could fit 3 more into each one. actually I could fit more, Cause there is an empty slot below the optical drive, but I think that 120GB per computer is enough. yeah.
Also I want to make the music/sound effect library better. yes.
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