July 31st, 2004



i cant find one of my cats. he was by the bed when i went to sleep.

last night gohan played with his rattle mouse on my bed for an hour starting at 2 in the morning.
on one hand it made me glad that he was having fun, because they get really bored when no one is hear all day. on the other, it was really annoying and i need sleep.

oh well.

patrick should see my show tonight (saturday)
I don't know how long it will take to get the shirts ready. they site says they are "ready for prodution" edit Actually now it says "production" so probably it will be ready on monday end edit but who knows what that means. oh well. they will hopefully be ready next week. and I am Certain they will be done by the end of macbeth.

yearbook on the other hand... hrm... I think we have a good amount of pictures, especially if you include a lot of the pictures I've been taking with the theatre's camera.
I like how my laptop is 2x faster than my mom's desktop. soon I will get her a G5, and then she will stop complainging about me living here.

in other news, I'm having fun, but I'm tired and my cats are lonley.
and I dont have any room on my computer.

you should give me comments so that when I check my e-mail I have comments.

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