August 5th, 2004



I need to go to work. I'll be an hour late.
It's funny how many people say "ah macs confuse me! I can't use them" I think everyone should know how to use more than just windows. why am I writting this, this is stupid. someone's going to come here and be like "well, you should know how to use solaris better" and kjndasfjasflkjnsdfajknldasfkjnfas

uh, yes. something. yay! it's a nice day. I love being filled with cofee and writting on LJ. blargh. work is fun. I hella set up hella nice things. still saving up.

I got an airport extreame from the aisles at frys! yeah, so I'm thinking I should just cancel my order with apple store, but I kinda want two. actually I should cancel my order and just buy another at frys.

for thoes of you who don't know, it works nicely! huzzah!
I can't wait to give the theatre the frys bill for all the stuff I've bought.

macbeth opened last night.
I fucked up my line, but it was the way that I looked like I was finished, so I just waited until someone said their next line. I dont know why I can't remember my lines. I only have 7. it's embarrasing and disrespectful for the rest of the company.

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