August 8th, 2004


(no subject)

so ravi says patrick is putting together a liinux box. then I read in a box how to make your own tivo. now I'm thinking of taking my old PC and turning it into a tivo.
except I think the main problem i had with it was that the power suply stopped not randomly turning off. so maybe I'll use the other PC that my old one is sitting on top of. the documentation says it only needs about 400mhz and a video capture card, both of which I have, and I've always had a desire to put together a unix system, I've just really had to reason to previous to this.

also, I'm getting sick of theatre. well. uh
wow, it's 1:30. i need to sleep.

wow, reading this again in the morning makes me realize that I did a pretty poor job of articulating myself. This must be what all thoes 3am essays I wrote for school look like.