August 15th, 2004

Mega Man Party!

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how can seting up a network consistantly be the most inscrutible thing ever!!!!!?
I kind of wish there were a way to see what rondezouzs is doing so I could see why my itunes aren't showing up on another computer...
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Ok! I figured out why the airport express wasn't doing what I wanted it to.
first of all, it was set to a subnet that started with 10.0. and it should have been in 192.168. . but then it was set to distribute IP adresses, but it was giving my computer the same IP as the samba server, so that's why no other network parts were working. Finally I figured out that It was trying to act like a router, and not a bridge, but only after unchecking the "distribute IP adresses" box. so now it lets the primary router give both the airport and my computer an IP adress.
Wow! this is stuff that everyone cares about!

I also cleaned up a bit. and did some organization prep. I'm kinda at that part of the process now where I have a bunch of stuff half out, and don't want to finish cleaning. but I must. hohohoho! tomorrow I will go to the bank bright and early! and then maybe other places like the hardware store.

oh! i have to see if anyone will take my 256 meg ram on the internet.
I wonder if I could get a g5 off of craigs list, or ebay...
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Mega Man Party!

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I can't whois

I'm having trouble with my two domains. this is stupid and frusterating.
I think I'm going to try and migrate to the same place that is hosting

but I was certain I got through along with and now I don't know where it is. it's mysterious!!!!
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