August 16th, 2004


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man I did some cleaning today.
mostly I did computer network things. but as I wrote about earlier, I got the Airport to work as I wanted it to!!!! and for some reason I feel slightly more unix savy, because I picoed a text file!!! I don't understand.
I also ordered some stuff on, and learned about the exposed light switch sockets in my house. I'm going to force my dad to teach me about the wiring so that we can finally not just have a bare light bulb hanging in my room. I mean, that was fricking there when Brian Smiley and I would have sleep overs in the tent when we were in 2nd grade!!!!! (hrm, actually that's a pretty good testament to the viability of florecent bulbs.)
Tomorrow I'm going to buy a 40watt long-life light bulb.
I need to rip the soul Edge music. that was good shit!

man... so... what was I saying...
oh, I need to set up some back-up programs to backup my stuff to an external drive. I don't even understand what is taking up all my hard-drive space... oh well...

I didn't get to beat that lifeline game.
I need to add some fighting games to my game que...

oh, since I re-set up urbanpirates, I should fix Cloud's mystery hour.
I think I've lost most of the PHP stuff that nate set up for me. I do have all the pictures, but I don't think I have some of the commentary. it is in my livejournal, so come september, I'll put it all back.
I still want to make a DVD out of it, maybe I can put the webpage on the DVD@cess part. that would be neat. yeah!

Bust a goove 2001 was a horrible game. the music was kinda crappy as well. man...
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