September 1st, 2004


Portions for foxes. (yeah, I don't know... not creative. at least I'm not just posting the lyrics, t

Man, I really, really like my room now. I think having the speakers and the video games and the projector set up makes it awesome, but most of all I think having the huge ass bed moved out from the middle of the rom helps. Cause I honestly didn't use more than 20% of that bed when I slept, and there wasn't any good way to just sit and relax, but now that I have the couches in there it really breaks up the space a lot better. also I like not having that old desk in there, as well as all the other junk I had.
man. When nick comes over I'm gonna make him do organizing projects with me. Like help me do shit with all thoes frames I bought.

Well, the most important thing to post about is I finally bought what I was saving up to buy: A bad-ass G5 desktop for my mom! It was not too much of an ordeal, but I actaully ended up buying it.

Man, I love being able to just sit in my room listening to my music through the Airport extreme! It's so fucking great, I'm really glad I made that investment.

So As I hinted

um. I forgot what I was talkign about.

but yeah, Maybe I'll get to do all the cool things I dreamed about this month. First Item is to set up the turn table and record all these Vinly to CD. That will be awesome! but there's like... So fucking much of it!
At least I'll be able to Digitize my awesome tapes and my star wars records... Actually I should start that right now...

OH, and I'm getting rid of hella stuff, so if anyone one wants it, you should come by and say give me stuff! my poor blind cat is so confused by Cleaning. It's kinda kawaisou... カワイソウ hrm. there's a word that still really dosen't have a good english equivilent. I fucking need to get back on track with my japanese studies.
Man, I can't stay focused on one project long enough to get it finished! I'm like at 50%- 80% with helllla projects, and I kinda feel like it's a net gain, but at the same time I feel like I need to just spend a whole day doing one particualr project. Like I found a cd of stuff, and then I'm like "Oh I should put this on my computer." I need to set up the media server, and then do backups on to it of my cool personal stuff. also, I should back up my music and pictures onto a DVD. (music = several DVDs but Photos is only one. probably...)
Also I need to work on thoes DVDs and webpages. man, I kinda mapped out stuff for each day. LIke I have to do these things by the end of today:
* send in licence
* look at how to send in shirts
* clean up room
* move old computer somewhere else
Oh, I have to do my tutorials. Like my indesign tutorial. I need to fucking sit down one day and just do that. man...... got to get it together!
oh well, at least I made a dent in the closet. I think it looks better already. I mean, getting rid of Video game boxes and Old DDR pads for dreamcast is a liberating feeling!
Ok, Comment and stuff. yesu!

also, I can't fucking get enough caffein (I love the system wide built in spell check! god damn windows should fucking slobber on an asshole.) uh yeah. I'm like man, too tired/not focused need more cafeeine . and then everytime I sit down I just feel myself slowing down and wanting to sit and do nothing. man.

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