September 16th, 2004

Luffy's Shirt

Disused mine!

I got my Tobal No.1 Game CD today! fuck yeah! I wish more PSX games had the combination of Kick ass music and Redbook audio that many of the originals had.
Next in the mail is either tekken 1 or battle Arena Toshenden.
Fuck yeah!
Man, the music in this game is such a Gem. It sucks that people miss out on it. It's all a kickass electronica/coolness that I have not found to be highly represented outside of japan. I mean, it's different than ladytron and most anything that would be called techno at a club. It's all much more Cornelius in evolution. you guys should give it a listen when you can.
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    Cloud City (Gren Kuts) - 伊藤賢治 - Tobal No. 1