October 3rd, 2004

Mega Man Party!

stupid thesis!

This is a summation of my thesis:
1) search for random word combinations such as "fish clothes". look at some of the sites the search returns. Now look at education sites such as http://www.eslgames.com and http://www.lessonplans.com and think about which is better: random word combinations or education websites?
2) go to webmonkey.com and read the "how to make a website" tutorial. This will tell you how to make a website bettern than either of thoes educaiton sites. now go to exboards.com and add a message board to your site. Now you site is more interactive than most education sites.
3) put a link to babelfish.com on your website. now your website is more useful to teachers who teach kids who speak a different language. after that, sell things through cafepress.com .

The end. I guess the remaining 59 pages is mostly metaphores and anecdotes about when I lived in japan.
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