October 5th, 2004

Luffy's Shirt

Tonight, Tonight!

got some decent work done on my thesis.
tomorrow I start work again. uh, in 7 hours I will be awake. hrm...
At least I enjoy what I'm doing. I dont know what this season will hold for me, but hopefully I won't go insane!!!


if anyone wants to read my thesis, just aks me. and if anyone wants to do some serious editing with me I'll pay money. (serious editing means helping me write and rewrite entire pages. money means like $50 or more.) I'm just looking for this thing to get done!
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Mega Man Party!

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I started work today. man. Pat and michael just sat around doing nothing. It's like without a deadling within hours they just don't feel like doing anything. henry and I were like "um, Shoudln't we be putting the office back together"
buit oh well.
Lame ness.
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