October 7th, 2004



It's only ben 3 retarded days back at work, and already I'm anxious that the rest of my life will revolve around my job.
I decided I'm going to help myself out by not watching tv during the week. I mean, it's not like I'm going to be missing anything, the only thing I ever watch is cartoon network, and I need shampo, remind me, and that's just a bunch of reruns of family guy and futurama or episodes of kids next door, which is on the same level as ed, edd and Eddy as far as horrible unwatchableness.
yeah, I also Think I will try to be on the internet less. It helps that I don't have internet at work.
So that mean I need to figure out what I'm going to do. I need to set some scheduals and limits.
I played castlevania PS2 version last night. It is certainly much better than the N64 version. Although, I think I was expecting more symphony of the night. Anyone will agree that it's difficult to even concieve of how to make a good 3d castlevania game, and I think that this one does well in some places, but once again proves that you really can't make a good 2d platformer in 3d.
The 3d system dosen't use the lock on crap like the zelda games or even devil amy cry, and with regards to that it has very good execution. The fighting is fun, and it wouldn't have taken much for them to have changed it into soul calibur II as far as the fact that you strafe, jump guard, guard impact and have combos and diffrent weapons. (actually that would be really cool) but at the same time, most of the game was a bunch of circular rooms (like a soul calibur arena) seperated by hallways filled with torches. The first time you go in a room, you can't progress until you kill all the enemies, but subsequental times you can just run past them, unlike the previous games where the lack of a 3rd dimention meant you had to deal with each monster.
Also, I really liked the games that had a plot and other characters. They go through an elaborate intro and there's an option to choose which language the diolouge is in, but so far I havent seen any past the opening. But your player character has a cool design, even if the game is so dark that you can't really see what's going on.
You don't gain experience and levels like the previous game, but you do get tons of items which give you powers as well as (randomly it seems) getting additional manuvers and powers as you fight. I havent gotten any new weapons, but there is a place to change weapons, so I'm sure that happens. It's like a combination of symphony of the night's weapons and armor with the card system and the heart weapons that can be powered up. that part seems cool.
But yeah, it does make me sick, so I can't play for very long, and when I do there's the unsettling sick feeling which allways taints the experience. but yeah. I'm gonna play it for longer. It's not as instantly amazing as the recent 2d games, but after 4 very similar 2d games I can see why they made the departure. It's always good to try new things.
Also the camera has issues, and i can understand why it is the way it is, but at the same time it's very annoying. The music is good. time for wokr!
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